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1.   The selected candidates (private), mentioned in the First Merit List are directed to read the Terms & 
      Conditions carefully and see the Admission letter on the Website. If agreed, are directed to contact the
      Admission Cell, PGMI at 6-Birdwood Road, Lahore for the verification of their original documents.

2.   After verification of the documents, they will be issued a Fee Slip for submission of their Fee,
       as detailed below:-

The selected candidates will deposit the specified fee at the time of admission as below:-

    a)   M.Phil Basic Sciences Courses        (Two Year)    Rs.16800.00
    b)   M.Phil Dental Courses                        (Two Year)    Rs.16800.00
    c)   Diploma Courses                                 (Two Year)    Rs.16800.00

3.   The selected candidates will provide the Fee receipt to the Admission Cell to complete the
       Admission process.

4.  The selected candidates will submit an Affidavits of Rs.50/- duly attested by the Oath Commissioner
      (specimen can be downloaded).

5.  The selected candidates will deposit the Fee before 06.11.2016 otherwise their admission will be
      considered cancelled. The students on waiting list will be granted admission.

6.   Second Merit List for Private candidates will be displayed on 14.11.2016.

7.   Classes will start from 01.01.2017


1.   PGMI will forward the list of the selected candidates to the Health Department for the issuance of the
      Deputation orders.

2.   The selected candidates are directed to provide a copy of the First Regular Appointment Letter and First
      Joining Report (First Charge Report) to the Admission Cell, PGMI within 48 hours (if not submitted)
      otherwise, PGMI will not be able to recommend their admissions to the Health Department for the issuance
      of the Deputation letter.

3.   Candidates selected in more than one course are directed to submit an written preference to the
      Admission Cell, PGMI before 07.11.2016 otherwise they will not be allowed to change the course.

4.   If any selected candidate does not want to avail Deputation he will submit an application before 10.11.2016
      to cancel the selection.

5.   After the issuance of the Deputation orders, the selected candidates will follow the procedure of the
      Admission as described for the Private candidates.

6.   No letter will be issued to any candidate. Selected candidates will have to provide the Deputation orders
      to the Admission Cell, PGMI, Lahore to process their Admission.

7.   The selected candidates on deputation will deposit the Fee after the issuance of the Deputation Orders.

8.   Classes will start from 01.01-2017




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