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 Department of Otorhinolaryngology / ENT ( Head & Neck Surgery)
Unit - I
Prof. Najam-ul-Hasnain Khan    

Associate Professor

Dr Muhammad Iqbal    

Assistant Professor

Dr Bakhat Aziz    
Sr. Registrar    


Dr Muhammad Ilyas   Dr Mazhar Iqbal



Unit - II
Prof. Kashif Iqbal Malik    

Assistant Professor

Dr Muhammad Dawood Saleem    
Sr. Registrar    



Dr Aamer Ayub Awan    


Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad





ENT department of PGMI is situated in newly constructed phase II building of Lahore General Hospital and comprises of 35 beds. The Unit One of the ENT department is headed by Prof. Dr. Najam-ul-Hasnain Khan who has been associated with the PGMI since 2005.He has 20 articles published in various reputed Journals of Pakistan. He has one international publication in JLO (UK). He is working as Deputy Dean Postgraduate ME. He is the editor of Pakistan Postgrdaute Medical Journal. There are 02 resident Medical Officer and 12 postgraduates with 01 house officer in ENT unit I. There are 05 resident FCPS part II training course, 04 residents in MS (ENT) and 02 students in DLO teaching programme.

Prof. Dr. Kashif Malik is the incharge of ENT Unit II. There is 02 resident Medical Officer with 09 postgraduates in ENT unit II. Apart from 05 MS (ENT) residents there is 01 trainee of MCPS and 03 trainees of DLO programme.

The department has an outdoor where the daily number of patients attendance is from about 300. There are three operation days with each list comprising of 8-10 patients. Department provides most of the surgical facilities like mastoid surgery, head and neck surgery, skull base surgery along with routine surgery on nose and throat and larynx. Department also provides emergency operation facilities like Tracheotomies, removal Foreign bodies from upper aero digestive tract and management of epistaxis.

We have keen interest in the management of Angiofibroma as we have the backup of digital subtraction angiography with embolization.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is fully operational. The department has keen interest in Head & Neck Surgery and Thyroid Surgery & Salivary Gland Surgery. Cancers of Oral Cavity, Pharynx and Larynx.

Audiological section of ENT Department is functional. It has the facilities of Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Auditory Brain Stem Responce Audiometry. The SNE is in process.

As far the education programmes, the students are regularly trained by teaching staff through morning rounds, lectures, seminars and clinical conferences and case presentations by the students. A meticulous record of their teaching is maintained both at departmental and institutional levels. Various part I courses of diploma and degree are run by the basic departments of PGMI.

In addition to this there is main library, which contains numerous latest book on all aspects of the fields. Twenty four hour internet service is available in the department. This is in addition to a computer library available in Lahore General Hospitals, which has access to several on line free of cost journal services around the world.

It has a rich tradition of research and patient care. It is recognized by PMDC, HEC and CPSP for postgraduate training. We currently have a very organized teaching program for undergraduates and postgraduate Progammes. A large number of research articles are published by ENT Department both nationally and internationally.

  • Teaching and training of undergraduate students of MBBS

  • Teaching and training of post-graduate students (FCPS/MS/MCPS/DLO)

  • Research in the subject of ENT

  • Provision of state of the art medical facilities to the general public commensurate to a tertiary care center.


Professor Dr Najam-ul-Hasnain Khan

Professor of ENT Unit I
Head of ENT / Head & Neck Surgery Department
Ameer-ud-Din Medical College /
Post Graduate Media Institute /
Lahore General Hospital Lahore
Contact number: 0333-4233456
Email: najament@gmail.com
Professor Dr Kashif Iqbal Malik

Professor of ENT Unit II
Professor of  ENT / Head & Neck Surgery Department
Ameer-ud-Din Medical College /
Post Graduate Media Institute /
Lahore General Hospital Lahore
Contact No 03334242848
Email: drkashifmalik2003@hotmail.com


Courses Offered:

  • FCPS Otorhinolaryngology

  • MS Otorhinolaryngology

  • MCPS Otorhinolaryngology

  • DLO


Administration Unit-I:

  • Dr Asad Ullah Registrar

  • Dr Arshad Chohan Senior Medical Officer

  • Dr Muhammad Atif Medical Officer

Administration Unit-II:

  • Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Nonari Registrar

  • Dr Yaqoob Qazi Senior Medical Officer

  • Dr Maqsood Ahmed Medical Officer

PGRs of Unit-I:

  • Dr Waseem Amin

  • Dr Saddaqat Ali

  • Dr Kamran Siddique

  • Dr Saram Javaid

  • Dr Faiza Bajwa

  • Dr Arslan Saqib

  • Dr Farrukh-Ul-Islam

  • Dr Saeed Ahmed Khan

  • Dr Bahram Afzal

PGRs of Unit-II:

  • Dr Zahir Khan

  • Dr Sohail Qadeer 

  • Dr Mudasser Ranjha

  • Dr Ahmad Rao

  • Dr Masoom Jan

  • Dr Tauseef

  • Dr Arif Hayat Malik

  • Dr Hiba

Current projects:

  • Hearing loss in consanguineous marriages in Pakistan

  • Comparison of blood loss in tonsillectomy, cold steel dissection Vs bipolar diathermy

  • Role of digital subtraction angiography and embolization on management of Angiofibroma

  • Audiological assessment with hearing impaired individuals

  • Annual workshop and hands on training of FESS.


  • Development of Temporal bone dissection lab

  • In future we want to develop cochlear implant programme in PGMI/LGH


  • Indoor and outdoor service to over 800,000 patients per year

  • Over 1000 elective surgeries patients per year

  • Over 2500 patients managed in emergency per year

  • State of the art Ear surgery

  • State of the art Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

  • Developing laser surgery for larynx and oral cavity lesions

Audiology & Neck Surgery Section:

In charge: Miss Samina Farooqi

  • Audiology Technologist

  • B.Sc hons.(Audiology)

  • BA Statistics & Economics

  • M.Phil (Hearing Sciences)

Audiology provides advanced diagnostic and electrophysiologic testing for adults and children with hearing loss. It works under supervision of ENT department of PGMI / LGH to provide state-of-the-art audiologic testing for individuals of all ages. Comprehensive evaluation and treatment is provided for hearing loss, hyperacusis, tinnitus and dizziness, vertigo and balance-related disorders.

In last annual report we have attended more than 3000 patients in Audiology Section.

Facilities Available:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry

  • Tympanometry

  • Play Audiometry

  • Distraction Tests

  • Evoked Response Audiometry

  • Auditory Steady-State Response Audiometry

  • Caloric Testing

  • Videonystagmogrphy

Future Projects:

  • Newborn Hearing assessment 

  • Cochlear Implants

  • Speech Therapy Facility






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