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   Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Prof. Dr. Nuzhat Parveen   Prof. Dr. Farhat Naz    
Associate Professors
Dr. Mamoona Ashraf (Adhoc) Dr. Shabnam Muhammad Ali Dr. Farzana Latif
Assistant Professors
Dr. Mahliqa Maqsud  

    Dr. Shazia Shaheen

  Dr. Naila Yasmeen

Sr. Registrars

Dr. Aiyza Sarwar   Dr Mehwish   Dr. Rizwana Tariq

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology consist of two units. Gynae unit I is headed by Professor Nuzhat Khawaja.
Gynae unit II is headed by Professor Farhat Naz who was the best graduate of her MBBS session. She is an author of 21 research papers. Each unit provides emergency services every alternate day & department cater annual births around 9000-9500. Each unit confers its services on three OPD days, where on the average 300-350 patients are attended every day. We are involved in undergraduate and post graduate teaching and training with a structured training programme with formative and summative assessment. OBGY department has developed SOP’s for smooth & standard management of patients.

• To provide healthcare and medical education of highest quality in a compassionate, friendly and professional environment.
• To train our postgraduate trainees to such an extent that they can work independently and effectively in remote areas and      
   provide better healthcare services.
• To achieve excellence in professional education, research and patient care which encompasses comprehensive health
   care needs of women and and eventually full spectrum specialty services in obstetrics and gynaecology at par with
   international standards


List of faculty members
Gynae Unit-I




Contact Information



Dr. Nuzhat Khawaja Professor MBBS, DGO, FCPS khawajanuzhat@gmail.com 0346-6425853
Dr. Shabnam M. Ali Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS Shabnam1970@hotmail.com 0321-8440208
Dr. Farzana Latif Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS farzanahammad1@gmail.com 0300-4474649
Dr. Naila Yasmeen Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS mt_346@yahoo.com 0300-6624970

List of faculty members
Gynae Unit-II

Dr. FarhatNaz Professor MBBS, FCPS farhat96naz@gmail.com 0333 4282112
Dr. Maimoona Associate Professor. MBBS, FCPS dr.maimoona@outlook.com 0333-4286545
Dr. Shazia Shaheen Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS shazia.573@hotmail.com 0323-6065152
Dr. MahliqaMaqsud Assistant Prof. MBBS, FCPS drmahliqamaqsud@yahoo.com 0333 8191191


Sr. No.



1. Urogynaecology Symposium in collaboration with Urology department. Active participation by faculty and residents observed including paper presentation. 26.01.2017
2. Workshop
Scientific writing in Medical Journals
3. Workshop
Maternal Collapse and Resuscitation in collaboration with Department of Anesthesia
4. Workshop
5. Guest lecture by Prof.ArifTajamul
How to establish learning skills in postgraduate medical students
6. SAFOG conference
(Two poster presentations, Four research papers, one case report and one session conducted by Professor FarhatNaz)
17.03.2017 to 19.03.2017
7. 7th Annual Scientific Symposium of PGMI/AMC/LGH
Active participation by residents. They presented papers and posters and won the first position in paper presentation.
21.03.2017 to 22.03.2017
8. PGMI MS studentsworkshop
Research methodology and biostatistics in collaboration with DME.
15.04.2017 to 19.04.2017
9. Symposium : Liver Diseases in Pregnancy
in collaboration DME
10. Guest Lecture by Prof. Noreen Akmal
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.
May 2017
10. PGMI MS students workshop
Synopsis Writing with DME
18.05.2017 to 20.05.2017
11. Participation in’’Symposium on Chickenpox’’ in collaboration with Paediatrics Department 30.05.2017
12. Workshop:
Infection Control: Health Care Commission Perspectives
- MHPE Course
- CMT Course


  • Diagnostic accuracy of Beta HCG and Nitrazine test in diagnosing pre mature rupture of membranes.

  • Comparison of Low dose Magnesium Sulphate with standard Pritchard regime in treatment of Eclampsia.

  • Diagnostic accuracy of Beta HCG and Nitrazine paper test taking Amniotic Fluid pooling as Gold standards.

  • Frequency of Group Streptococcal infection in patients with prom and pre labour rupture of membranes.

  • Role of hydralazine Vs Nifedipine in control of blood pressure in patients with pre-eclampsia.

  • Frequency of Humen immune deficiency virus in obstetrical patients presented in LGH

  • Comparison of Isosorbide mononiterate Vs Misoprostol in 1st trimester missed miscarriage.

  • Frequency of poor APGAR score in patients with pathological CTG trace.

  • Frequency and risk factor of hepatitis C during pregnancy.

  • Comparison of Hydralazine & Lebetalol for control of BP in management of patient with severe pre-eclampsia

  • Comparison between magnesium sulphate & nifedioine in management of preterm labour

  • Comparison of PPIUCD expulsion after SVD & C/Section.

  • Dx Accuracy of Beta-hCG & Nitrazine paper test in vaginal washing taking amniotic fluid pooling as gold standard of PROM.

  • Comparison of low dose MgSO4 with standard Pritchard regime for treatment of eclampsia

  • Comparison of Maternal complication in pre-eclamptic patient with & without significant protein urea.

  • Dx accuracy of saline infusion sonography Vs hysteroscopy in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding.

  • Role of whole hundred micrograme misoprostol in reducing blood loss during total abdominal hysterectomy.

  • Frequency of group-B streptococcal infection in females with prolong preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes.

  • Comparison of effects of routine Vs restricted episiotomy in terms of PG with singleton pregnancy.

  • Frequency of different parities in females with abnormal uterine bleeding.

  • Efficacy of low dose MgSO4 as compare to normal Pritchard regime in controlling fits.

  • Effects on the duration of 3rd stage of labour with or without cord blood drainage.

  • Re-visiting abdominal hysterectomy by prior uterine artery ligation.








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