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 Department of Pathology
Dr. Shahzad Shafqat Qureshi            
Associate Professors
Dr. Muhammad Tariq Rehmani  

Dr. Iffat Javed (ACB)


Dr. Nighat Rasheed  (ACB)


Dr. Humaira Rafiq (Adhoc)



Dr. Munazza Hassan

Assistant Professors


Dr. Iram Iqbal  

Dr. Mizna Arif


Dr. Umbreen Imtiyaz


Dr. Sohaila Mushtaq



Dr. Ayesha Khalid


Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Anwar




Dr. Ahmad Saud Awan


Dr. Tanvir-ul-Islam



Dr. Naheeda Kausar

Sr. Demonstrators


Dr. Zill-e-Huma


Dr. Asma Naveen Ajmal


Dr. Iqbal Ahmad


Dr. Muhammad Kashif Mughal




Dr. Muhammad Riaz


Dr. Shaista Mobeen





Dr. Muna Malik


Dr. Sadia Ijaz


 Dr.Fariha Imran



Pathology is a discipline that transcends the traditional boundaries between basic and clinical sciences. Department of Pathology located at Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lahore is one of its largest departments and a leading centre for research. Being a vital part of several disciplines in medicine, the Pathology Department provides diagnostic support to all the clinical departments. The department's faculty provides a comprehensive panel of pathology and laboratory services, including examining tissue and analyzing body fluids in order to identify diseases, abnormalities and microorganisms. Primary care physicians, surgeons and specialists at Lahore General Hospital, as well as at other facilities in and around Lahore rely on the department's consultative services and expertise.

The diagnostic wing consists of four sub-sections: Histopathology & Cytology, Haematology, Microbiology and Chemical Pathology. It has sophisticated equipment like automated cell counter,  cryostat, automated tissue processor, multi-headed microscopes, haematology  and electrolyte analysers etc. Routine lab services are carried out in the clinical laboratory located in the premises of LGH, whereas specialized tests are carried out at the department.

In Histopathology areas of specific importance include the fine needle aspiration clinic and  cytological diagnostic service that revolutionized the practice of many clinicians and the management of patients. The section of Anatomical Pathology offers specialized services in neonatal and paediatric pathology, neuropathology, dermatopathology,  and renal pathology.

Chemical Pathology section of the Department has an established interest in laboratory management and quality assurance and offers national workshops and seminars on related topics.

Hematopathology provides specialised and often unique services in the complex field of coagulation disorders. Several patients have benefited from the bone marrow clinic run by competent haematopathologists of the department.

Medical Microbiology provides an extensive diagnostic service for infectious diseases and recently has expanded its infrastructure to manage the continuous increase in the number of specimens. Serological tests are also available for various bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal diseases.

 The strength of the department lies in the faculty who are specialists in their respective fields. They are actively involved in diagnostic work, curriculum development, teaching and research. Ongoing research projects include:

  • Chewing Xylitol Gum Prolongs the Effect of Chloroxedine Therapy on Streptococcus Mutans.

  • Evaluation of Plasma Antithrombin Level and Platelet count in Pre-Eclampsia.

  • Prevelance and Types of Vonwillebrands disease in Lahore Region.

  • Immunohistochemical Analysis of Helicobacter Pylori with Associated Morphological Changes in Gastric Biopsies.

Lecture theatres and tutorial rooms are available with modern audio visual aids. The department has a well-designed museum displaying surgical specimens and several detailed and highly informative charts/graphs.The teaching program consists of didactic lectures, supported by clinical training. These are further supplemented by modern teaching methods like Problem-Based Learning or PBL, where the students are encouraged to think for themselves and find solutions.All of these distinguishing elements allow us the unique opportunity to provide our students cohesive approach to all aspects of pathology, with emphasis on integrated patient care, education and research.




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